• Blockchain-based mobile applications have many benefits for the IoT environment. They are decentralized

    (information is not stored in one object), immutable (without changes, entries in registries can be made

    without the consent of the network), and uncontrolled by any authorities. These characteristics allow you

    to guarantee security in two of the most vulnerable topics - personal data and finances.


    Mobile applications as part of the Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure can improve many operations, including:


    Personal data management in any IoT project.

    Payments and transfers in financial transactions.

    Signing contracts by applying smart contracts.

    Health monitoring in Smart Hospital and connected healthcare systems.

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  • Industrial workers have a consolidated view of a plant's performance, along with alerts to unexpected problems,

    so the plant can prevent highly unwanted and costly downtime. All this information is displayed on the screens

    of computers and mobile



    Advancing Edge Computing

    A mobile application can be added to the mass of sensors integrated into the IoT ecosystem and can serve

    as both a modem and a peripheral device.


    There has been a lot of talk lately about the merging of IoT and Blockchain. While the former requires a secure

    method for automating processes and communications, the latter can provide the required level of security to

    manage communications between connected devices.

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